0200 - Consulting Culture with Ian Doyle

Hosts: Afolabi Olusola and Carina Völkerling

We are very pleased to welcome Ian Doyle, Consulting Manager at Guidewire Software, the international insurance software and technology company.

·       Tell us a little about your background and your current role? 

·       What does a day in the life look like?

·       How has Guidewire’s methodology evolved over the years? 

·       Is the methodology the same for both product development and client delivery?

·       What good-working-practices can you highlight for teams? 

·       You’d talked about the concept of value, is it intangible or something you measure? 

·       How does consulting change when a client engagement requires working with other partners? [external services, other consultants etc]

·       The insurance industry is famously based on data and actuary-centred, is there room for data scientists in the industry (and Guidewire)?

·       Can you share 3 tips and 3 cautions for a consultant starting out…


Well, we’ll wrap up there.

Thank you for sharing your ideas with us today.


[retro’s; well-functioning team; regular Slack calls – huddles, Zoom, frequent regular communications; brown-bags; clear role/responsibility; culture of openness; team charter; others]

[tips and pitfalls: Build a network; don’t be afraid to ask questions; and be prepared to challenge the customer. Have those difficult conversations. Build relationships, know your team, know the people up and below, keep your skills up to date. Look for variety in your roles – don’t get stuck in a niche; Look for places that give a mix of challenge and responsibility – balance between being spoon fed versus struggling; things are changing get over it, change can be an opportunity.]



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