0192 - Consulting Career Paths with Kevin Dardis

Hosts: Leo (Wong Tsz Lung) and Luca Spigai. 

We are very pleased to welcome Kevin Dardis. Kevin is a consultant at Deloitte, starting out as an Analyst working on ERP implementations in the pharmaceutical industry before specialising in technology programme management and project management. He is also an active member of the Irish Chapter of the PMI.

So, Kevin, how did you go from being a masters student to working in Deloitte? 

·       Is outsourcing one of the fundamental business strategies?

·       Should shift the language away from outsourcing and towards 'partnering'?

·       What does a working week look like in technology consulting?

·       Does working with a client when multiple consultancies are involved raise special challenges?

·       A consulting firm has access to a vast store or skills and knowledge. How do you tap into them when needed?

·       What trends in technology are particularly hot now?

·       Are there any questions from the audience?

Well, we’ll wrap up there.

Thank you for talking with us and sharing your thoughts with us today.






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