0193 - Consulting as Listening with Dean Murphy

Hosts: Simon Paul and Soumya Rajashekar

We are very pleased to welcome Dean Murphy. Dean is Principal Solution Consultant at ABP, a process automation consultancy and services company. He has been involved in consultancy, business automation, technology, and services delivery for many years.

To start, could you give us short sketch of your career to date.

·       Can you tell us about ABP’s mission and where does the School of Automation fit within that vision?

·       Can you share your thoughts on “the technologist as a salesperson”.

·       On trap of thinking it’s all about the technology; How do I force myself to be focused on the customer?

·       Talk about the differences and challenges that public sector brings vs private sector.

·       The impact of automation is often cast as a negative, jobs lost, that kind of thing, how valid are the fears and criticisms, how do you deal with introducing automation and AI solutions into client sites?

·       You’ve talked about Storytelling as a key skill for consultants, for analysts, technologists, do you have an example? [Rubik’s Cube]

Well, we’ll wrap up there.

Thank you for sharing your ideas with us today.


ABP - https://www.abpconsultancy.com

Self-Sufficiency Model for Consulting (ABP approach)

ABP School of Automation - https://www.schoolofautomation.tech/partners



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