0207 - Annunziata - BAEF Educator Interview

Annunziata Esposito Amideo in conversation with Allen Higgins 

Nunzia is an Assistant Professor in Management Information Systems at University College Dublin, she is a member of the UK OR Society and its special interest group WORAN, and the current secretary of the EURO WISDOM Forum.

·       To start, Analytics educators come from all kinds of professions, how did you find yourself working in this field?

·       Can you share some lessons learned on becoming an analytics educator? (Three tips for a lecturer starting out?) 

·       Can you tell us a bit about your own research interests?

·       I know you record a lot of your lectures for students. Do pre-recorded lecturers change the classroom experience?

·       What for you is the essence of practical analytics? (a process of optimization… The issue is that analytics and Operational Research (optimization is part of OR) are not really the same: 

·       Can you talk about the challenges surrounding the academic/industry interface? (pure mathematics, applied mathematics > practical mathematics).

·       What technologies are a must-have in your toolbox? Your ‘go to’ tools for analysing data? 

·       To close out the interview... Do you have a favourite science or data podcast or video channel, or geeky secret?

·       Other questions…

Well, we’ll wrap up there.

Thank you for sharing your ideas with us today.

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