0197 - A Short History of Digital Transformation with Joe Peppard

Host: Allen Higgins

We are very pleased to welcome Professor Joe Peppard, educator, consultant, and researcher.

First, Joe, could you share a few words about your career to-date and your passion for IT?


·       Computers, networks, Internet, and platform software as transformative technologies.

·       Knowledge management for technology.

·       Automation, strategic transformation, and organisational change.

·       Implications for the increasing use of AI in the economy.

·       New ways of working echo old ways of working.

·       Technology market – temporary monopolies and cycles of competitive domination.

·       Platform economies – the shift from hardware to operating systems to software as a service.

·       Transformational moments in computing and technology inflection points.


Well, we’ll wrap up now.

Thank you for the stimulating discussion with lots of new ideas to reflect upon.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts today.


Joe Peppard - https://www.linkedin.com/in/joe-peppard-5868513/



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