Episode 14 - Eric Lampaert

Not another washed up comedian!

Well actually Eric Lampaert is only washed up in the mythical eternity-snack desert island sense. In the real world he’s doing rather well. Eric is also an actor, a writer a director and a multi-linguist. If that’s not enough he also studied clown at Lecoq in Paris.

Erics stand up exploits have taken him across the globe. He’s performed at the Montreal’s Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, the Johannesburg Comedy Festival, several solo shows at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival and he has supported Eddie Izzard (in English and French), performed a theatre run of his solo show in London & Paris, and won the ComediHa Best International Comedian Award in Quebec.

Movie credits include Valerian & The City of a Thousand Planets, Moonwalkers and Stoner Express & two upcoming features in 2019; Anna directed by Luc Besson & The Show written by the Alan Moore.

Alright Eric, give the rest of us a chance mate.

Never mind all that, about these crisps...


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