As long as it takes

International relations scholar Charlie Miller joins the show to discuss Joe Biden’s visit to Ukraine and the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion.

Will United States President Joe Biden’s surprise visit to Kyiv influence Russia’s strategic calculus in Ukraine? Is a decisive Ukrainian victory on the battlefield possible in the second year of Russia’s invasion, or is the current stalemate likely to continue? And how can lasting peace be achieved? On this episode of Democracy Sausage, Dr Charles Miller from ANU School of Politics and International Relations joins Dr Marija Taflaga and Professor Mark Kenny to discuss the conflict in Ukraine as Russia’s invasion enters its second year.

Dr Charles Miller is a Lecturer at ANU School of Politics and International Relations with a focus on military conflict.

Marija Taflaga is the Director of ANU Centre for the Study of Australian Politics and a Lecturer at the ANU School of Politics and International Relations.

Mark Kenny is a Professor at the ANU Australian Studies Institute. He came to the university after a high-profile journalistic career including six years as chief political correspondent and national affairs editor for The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and The Canberra Times.

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