Why You Need to Find Connection in the Modern World

We’re joined by Johann Hari, a writer and journalist, who travelled all over the world to interview and learn from the leading scientists investigating why we’re losing focus to what matters and what the impact of chronic distraction is, and also to those developing the solutions.

We discuss:

  • Why we’re living in an attention crisis and why willpower isn’t the problem
  • Why we need to stop task switching
  • The impact of being chronically distracted on our brain power
  • Why sleep and diet are critical components of reclaiming focus
  • Why restoring childhood is so important
  • The individual and collective changes for solving our attention crisis
  • How to get into a flow state to find deep focus
  • Why stress undermines our ability to focus

Johann Hari:

‘Stolen Focus’ https://stolenfocusbook.com


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