How to Escape the Productivity Trap

We’re joined by writer and author Oliver Burkeman to talk about the productivity-trap; the narrative that keeps our sense of self-worth and value tied to how much we get done and achieve. In his new book, Four Thousand Weeks, Oliver argues that this only results in disappointment and unhappiness, and explores how to cultivate a healthier relationship with productivity to ultimately lead a more fulfilling life.


We discuss:

  • Confronting the mismatch between what we can do and what we think we can do
  • Disarming perfectionism and the ‘when I’ mentality
  • The relationship between productivity and self-worth
  • The catch 22 of getting things done
  • Why the notion of ‘balance’ may not always be the answer
  • The benefit of enjoying leisure activities without any end goal in mind
  • The distraction economy
  • Ways to approach getting what matters done
  • How to cultivate a healthier relationship with productivity

Oliver Burkeman:

‘Four Thousand Weeks: Time and How to Use It’

Four Thousand Weeks: Embrace Your Limits. Change Your Life.

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