How Simple Tools Can Revolutionise the Way we Feel

We’re joined by Max Strom, speaker and global teacher of personal transformation, to discuss the simple tools that can transform the way we feel, the importance of regulating our emotions, the loneliness epidemic and the power of the breath to alleviate crippling anxiety, depression, PTSD and sleep problems.
We discuss:

The connection between our body and our emotions

The stress and loneliness epidemic 

Why we don’t practice emotional self-regulation in modern society

Alleviating stress, anxiety, and sleep disfunction naturally

The importance of expressing our emotions to heal

Why breathing practices enable us to release unreconciled emotions

The power of processing grief with others

Why we need to come together to overcome crises

Vulnerability, fulfilment and social media

The power of slow, steady breathing with mindful movement

Max Strom:
‘A Life Worth Breathing’
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