How to change habits, taking life off hold and mindful eating with Shahroo Izadi

I’m joined by behavioural change expert and author Shahroo Izadi. After working in addiction treatment within the criminal justice system, Shahroo realised she could utilise the same tools to help the masses change their unwanted patterns of behaviour and now helps individuals with binge eating, negative self-talk, low self-esteem and social media use to name a few.

We discuss:

Why you need to take life off hold to change your habits

The mindset and practical tools to help you do difficult things

How to make lasting behaviour changes

The power of self-kindness and self-awareness

Understanding what purpose your habits serve

Each week I unpack a wellness trend with GP Gemma Newman. This week on Fact or Fad we’re looking at mindful eating. 
DISCLAIMER: this episode touches on eating disorders and Shahroo’s personal experience in this regard. Please take care listening and talk to your GP if you need support or guidance.
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