# Shadow work, spiritual rituals and creating a consistent practice (English Episode)

Prior to starting this podcast, Sara had a desire to create a space to talk about all things spirituality. A space where people around the world can tune in, a space for her to dive deep into the topics she love discussing the most and for likeminded souls to connect in the hopes of nourishing some part within them

This week is a share requested from the Atelier The Ché community were the host, Sara will be dressing two topics:

  1. How she got into meditation

  1. And how to create a practice that sticks

Sara shares insight, musings and shares her our journey to demystify and create a grounded approach to spirituality and unblock limiting ideas around meditation as a tool.

To learn more about HSP Workshop in Stockholm and her work, please visit https://skillbreak.com/workshops/194-vand-din-kanslighet-till-din-styrka


Instagram: @ateliertheche

Sara's personal account: @sara_che_

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