Deep Energy 1038 - Coffee Break - Part 1

Hi Everyone, my name is Jim Butler and welcome to Deep Energy Podcast 1038 - Coffee Break - Part 1

How is everyone doing, hope everyone is healthy and doing ok.

Wanted to let everyone know that this episode of the podcast is sponsored by Porcupine Coffee Roasting, which is just a hop, skip and a jump from me in Pembroke NH. So great having a local company as the sponsor of the podcast.

Porcupine Coffee Roasting is a specialty Coffee Roaster that roasts new and delicious origin coffees monthly.

They are roasting Single origin or blends currently from El Salvador, Costa Rica, Brazil, Sumatra, Colombia and Guatemala. The roasts come in Dark, Medium Dark, Light and Decaf You can buy one bag at a time or sign up for their Coffee of the Month subscription plan and they will happily send you either whole beans or grind it for you. And if you have a specific request for your coffee choice, they will happily try to accommodate your coffee needs.

So, I’ve been drinking their coffee exclusively for a few months and by god it is delicious. Last months coffee was from El Salvador and tasted amazing with hints of Black Currant, caramel, ginger, pepper, clove, lemongrass and green tea. I was using it in my drip machine, my Keurig and in my espresso maker and in all three was never a disappointing cup of coffee. The espresso I would pour it over ice and add some half and half, and was just so good.

So please check them out if you can at and grab a bag or a monthly subscription. I love coffee and I know you will not be disappointed. When you do order, please say that you heard their ad here and say hi to Amber who is the person running the show there. They are only shipping to the US at the moment.

You can also get 15% off of your order by using the promo code JIMBUTLER when you checkout or you can go directly to the link below:

Again, thank you to Amber over at Porcupine Coffee Roasting for their support of the podcast!

You can find out more about me and my music and projects over at and my email is

Thanks as aways to everyone who listens for your support. I could not do this without all of you. Peace, bye.