Coral Courts Radio Hour: The Monkees Deep Tracks

For a cash-grab manufactured TV act, The Monkees have certainly exceeded anyone's expectations for not only longevity but success. Starting in 1966, The Monkees' TV show and music has been part of American Culture for over 50 years, generating hit records, Emmy awards, a feature film-- and even NEW MUSIC in the 21st Century.

Tim is an unabashed rock and roll enthusiast and, in this episode, hopes to introduce listeners to Monkees music that goes beyond the top 10 hits. Hear music from each of the fellas' solo efforts, music featuring every note performed by the 4 of them, and some wonderfully buried tracks featuring some of Hollywood (and Nashville's) best sidemen.

Dig: The Monkees' Deep Tracks.

Special Guest: Ken Mills


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