Deep Dish Presents the Coral Courts Radio Hour with Tim Powers and Brad Schreiber PART 2

PART 2: Now available to subscribers of Deep Dish Radio, the previously underground radio program, The Coral Courts Radio Hour, is on the air. In each episode, Tim Powers and a guest will play and discuss individual songs that are important to Tim's guest. This is a fascinating way to hear music through someone else's ears.

Today's guest is author Brad Schreiber , ("Revolution's End," "Becoming Jimi Hendrix," "What Are You Laughing At?") takes us from The Mahavishnu Orchestra to Pink Floydand and back again. This is part 2 of an excursion through Brad's ears. Part 2 is also available.

If you like what you hear, tell a friend. Post this link on your facebook page. Visit Brad's website. Buy his books. And if you hear music you like, please, by all means, go to your local Brick & Mortar record store, or AMAZON.COM and buy it!

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