Andy Cahan: Keyboard Player to the Stars

Did he or didn't he write the piano intro to "Daydream Believer?" Andy Cahan IS probably one of the most famous musicians you never heard of. As musical director and keyboard player for the Turtles (not to mention played, produced and/or recorded with the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Harry Nilsson and, many other luminaries), he has seen the up and down sides of the rock-music world since the 1960s. A true road warrior, Cahan grew up in the age of rock 'n roll and watched as the genre meant something else each decade.

Musician and On-Stage Performer on such television shows and specials as The Wonderland TV Special for Dutch Television, the Peter Paas Cartoon Special, Casey Kasem's America's Top Ten Television, Strawberry Shortcake Cartoons, the Care Bears Cartoons, GI Joe Cartoons, The Turtles for Swedish Television, the Dinah Shore Show, the Midnight Special, the Grammy Awards, and American Bandstand Anniversary Special, etc. Record Producer and Publisher for assorted record... For information regarding your data privacy, visit