Joe Meets Santo Trafficante

If last time wasn’t risky enough, Joe finds himself assisting another fellow undercover FBI operation. Except this time, it’s a gambling scene based out of Florida. Joe has to find a way to get the caporegime of the Bonanno crime family, Dominick Napolitano aka Sonny Black, to agree to getting involved with the crime family controlling Florida, the Trafficante family. In this episode, Joe takes us behind the scenes of a rigged gambling operation, that runs into some trouble along the way. 

  • 01:35 – Joe goes to Florida, to help the FBI again
  • 08:10 – Brining in Sonny Black and Santo Trafficante
  • 10:50 – Big Casino Night in Florida
  • 13:12 – Joe and the crew get arrested
  • 17:17 – Internal war within the Bonanno family

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