The Dearly Deported: Ep. 4, 'Sara,' Pre - Medstudent

“We feel more Swedish than Persian, to be honest… For me to be in Sweden, it was a chance to be who I am… To work as a woman without obstacles.”

‘Sara’ is the real deal. The family of 4 was deported due to missing insurances from her father’s (previous) employer, as an accountant. Facing deportation back to Iran with one year left of her program at Karolinska, Sara moved to Poland to make sure she got her degree to become a doctor. She also continues leading the fight for her family, remote. At 24 years old, and despite significant health issues for her and the entire family, Sara analyzes the macro level issues at play with #kompetensutvisning, skilled migration, investment, populism, public service provision, justice, and civil liberties. We added some information on insurances at the end, and encourage all employers and workers alike to listen.   

Song: Stockholm’s own Senaibo Sey, “Younger”