The Dearly Deported: Ep. 5 PART I: 'Nina,' Software Specialist

The Dearly Deported: Ep. 5 PART I: Nina, Software Specialist

‘Nina’ came from New Zealand to work for a leading company in her field. She is the type of tech talent that everyone in Europe is fighting for. She survived kompetensutvisning, once, but being in limbo for a year took a toll on her personally, but moreover in terms of trust in the migration system in general. The  new interpretations of the law for permanent residency have her worried and confused.  

In PART II (coming soon) we hear from Nina’s Swedish boss, ‘Fredrik,’ a leading tech entrepreneur. Check back here for more!

Music and Comic Relief from New Zealand’s own, Flight of the Conchords, which uses abstract concepts of discrimination with Indian-American comic Aziz Ansari, to show just how silly it is!