Dead Rock Stars 2: Ronnie James Dio (Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dio)

In the second episode of Dear Rock Stars, the new podcast which eulogises and lionises our greatest fallen musicians, uber-journalists Mick Wall and Joel McIver turn their steely gaze on the career of the mighty Ronnie James Dio. One time Elf singer, Rainbow's first frontman, and the man who rescued Black Sabbath when he replaced Ozzy Osbourne in 1980. Ronnie battled Ritchie Blackmore (and dragons), brought the devil's horns to the masses, created a whole new aesthetic for hard rock, and in turn became the mighty Dio. Above all, he's rightly regarded as one of the defining voices of rock music. 7 years after his death, Dio lives on in the hearts of rock fans everywhere. And as a hologram. He rocked.


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