Dead Rock Stars: Marc Bolan (T-Rex)

This week, seasoned rock writers Mick Wall and Joel McIver shine the spotlight on Marc Bolan; with a Gibson set to stun and corkscrew hair, he wasn't no square. Bolan was a true original, moving from late Sixties acoustic hippy whimsy to hard rocking, glamtastic boogie by the turn of the decade, and in doing so influencing a slew of artists, his friend and rival David Bowie included. Whilst enjoying an amazing run of hit singles, often compared to that of the Beatles, by the mid-70s Marc's solid-gold lustre was beginning to fade. However, by the arrival of punk, which "exploded onto the scene" around 1976, Bolan himself was cited as an influence, and he had in turn welcomed their short, sharp shocks. Any budding comeback was ended when Bolan was killed in a car crash in September 1977, but as we discover, Marc's was a brief but brilliant career.

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