Dark Skies over Sark with Ada Blair

My guest today, Ada Blair - a counsellor and psychotherapist at the University of Edinburgh. 

Author of ‘An Exploration of the Role that the Night Sky Plays in the lives of the Dark Sky Island Community of Sark’, her research, conducted on Sark in 2014, addresses the 'missing sky' factor within ecopsychology and health and environmental psychology. Intuitive inquiry is employed to explore the following themes: human desire to see the night sky, commercialisation of this desire through astronomical tourism, the nature of nature, fear of the dark, and nature and wellbeing.

Research findings show skywatching facilitating family/community connections and improving wellbeing, the transmission of sky stories, childhood sky memories, a fearlessness of the dark and the phenomenon on moonless nights of an absent horizon, whereby sky and land appear as one.

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An Exploration of the Role that the Night Sky Plays in the Lives of the Dark Sky Island Community of Sark
Sark in the Dark

Marnie Ogg is talking to some of the brightest minds in their field, about the topic of light pollution and ways to protect our night skies.

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