Pride Month: Tiefling in the Details

This special episode of Dark Dice takes place in a possible future, one where Iaus Innskeep survives the trials of Domain of the Nameless God... and decides to sign up for speed dating. This episode is a celebration of Pride and the LBGTQIA+ community, and was created to entertain, inform, and help raise donations for The Trevor Project as part of a socially distant 2020 Pride Month celebration.


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Story and Concept by Travis Vengroff & Dallas Wheatley

Co-Produced & Directed by Dallas Wheatley

Co-Produced, Edited, and with Sound Design by Travis Vengroff

Mixed and Mastered by Marisa Ewing of Hemlock Creek Productions


Cast:Narrator / Gilzog – Travis Vengroff

Fezziwig Bromstuttle - Dallas Wheatley

Iaus Innskeep – David Ault

Uriel - Cecil Baldwin

Melvin of Clan Barlo - Steve Shell

Tin - Katana

Caelia Soong - Nala Wu

AD-1 "Addie" - Frankie Larson

Jo - Tau Zaman

Zideon - Cole Burkhardt

Jon Barber - Sean Howard

Charlie Berkeley - Sebastian Crane

T'orin Berkeley - Jakob Bernardino

Jess Maelrendor Ekal Shnep St. Edwards the 27th - Sean St. Pierre


"Final Encounter" - Written by Travis Vengroff, Performed by Steven Melin 

"Romantic Interlude #1", "8-Bit Adventure" "Hurry Up!" - Written and Performed by Steven Melin 

"Date Night" - Written and Performed by Brandon Boone

"Arabesque no....

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