Introducing The White Vault (By Fool and Scholar Productions)

Greetings Adventurers,
Next Thursday and Friday, Brandon Boon and I will be in Budapest recording the choir and orchestra, so tonight we'd like to share something special with you. If you're listening to this, then odds are, that you enjoy hearing the voices of Soren Arkwright, Iaus Innskeep, Father Westpike, Flygia, and Rowena, and while I'm DESPERATELY working to bring you new episodes, I wanted to share a hidden treasure-trove with you tonight - the story that is literally how we all met started Dark Dice. It's called - The White Vault, a full-cast horror audio drama podcast written by Kaitlin Statz, the voice of Sister Cavernsfall, with sound design by yours truly... The White Vault's main story is five seasons long, and I'm bringing it to your attention now because we are about to launch our FINAL season next month in October, and members of our Patreon team that month, at any pledge level, are going to be mailed an exclusive rocker patch. So if you were going to decide to start The White Vault and happen to really love it, now would be that time, and you would still have a few weeks to make the decision.

But what's it about? Your favorite voices, mentioned earlier, are a research team that's stuck in a small outpost in the Arctic... trapped in a blizzard in one of the most remote places on earth, they discover that they are not alone, and that something terrible is lurking just beneath the ice...

You're about to hear our first episode: Fristed, and if you enjoy it you can hear more by subscribing to The White Vault wherever you listen to podcasts, or you can hear it, and all of our shows, ad free by subscribing to our patreon. Well, I'll get back working on Dark Dice, but in the meantime please enjoy The White Vault and remember that TRAVEL IS NOT ADVISED.

This is a Fool and Scholar Production.
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