Introducing Our First TTRPG - Liberty: Vigilance (By Fool and Scholar Productions)

Greetings adventurers,
You are here because you enjoy the stories that we make... and... while we're currently working very hard to bring the next installment of Dark Dice, we thought you might enjoy hearing our first TTRPG, Liberty: Vigilance. Join Peter Joseph Lewis, the voice of Soren Arkwright, and Kaitlin Statz, the voice of Sister Cavernsfall, as they work with Sean Daniel Francis, Caitlin Buckley, Daniel Throison, and Ashly Burch - the voice of Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn - to uncover a terrible conspiracy surrounding their brainwashed home. I was also the Game Master, but I had a bit of a mental insecurity about my own voice, so instead of hearing me, you'll hear one of my all time favorite voice actors WAYNE JUNE reading my parts, in addition to a cast of over 30 voice actors taking the roles of the NPC's. These are the voices of Duke Nukem, The Walking Dead, Space Ghost, and so many more, with the same sound designer, me, and an already-complete story told over 13 chapters. You've made it this far, so get ready... for Liberty: Vigilance!

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