Quick Updates For July (sick month)

Greetings Adventurers,
It has been a long long month and unfortunately not only did I get COVID, but Holly – the actress who brings Gaelle to life also did (despite us being in different countries), and is still suffering from its longer lasting effects. I literally can’t release anything this month as a result, but promise you that we have some AMAZING things coming up next month.
In addition to the next episode of Dark Dice we will also be recording a choir, a string orchestra, and a brass section LIVE on Twitch on August 12th and 22nd, on www.Twitch.tv/foolandscholar
We have a special guest composer joining us, all the way from Japan, who we’re very excited to be announcing as well, and we’ll be bringing 18 minutes of music he’s written to life, in addition a song I’ve written with Steven Melin. So we thank you for your patience this month, as we work to get our bodies voices and minds ready for next month’s episode, and also bring you a bit of extra live entertainment in the process. Thank you so much again for your patience! We hope that you’ll enjoy this little outtake as something to keep you entertained until then...
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