Chapter 10: Tortured

Miles underground, the team suddenly finds themselves within a great forest...
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Story by Travis Vengroff (The Game Master)
Produced, Co-Edited, and with Sound Design by Travis Vengroff
Transcription and Production Assistance by Hem Cleveland
Dialogue Editing by Sarah Buchynski
Mixed, Mastered, and Edited by Marisa Ewing

Narrator / Game Master / Pullo –Travis Vengroff
Iaus Innskeep – David Ault
Sister Tsavorite Cavernsfall – Kaitlin Statz
Soren Arkwright – Peter Lewis
Father Sindri Westpike – Eyþór Viðarsson
Flygia of Zarketh – Kessi Riliniki
Rowena Granitepike – Hem Cleveland

Music Director - Travis Vengroff
“Domain of the Nameless God” – Written and Performed by Steven Melin, with Hurdy Gurdy by Enzo Puzzovio
“Danse Silencieuse" – Arranged and Performed by Travis Vengroff with Cello by Sam Boase-Miller and stock media provided by avinograd/ Pond5, Written and performed by Andrey Vinogradov
Dark Dice art by Allen Morris with lettering by Kessi Riliniki
Episode art by Casey Bailey

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CONTENT WARNINGS: Brutally tortured corpse
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