Chapter 1: The Silent One

The team ventures into the Dead Pines to seek out the missing children of Ilmater's Hope. On the first step of their journey, they will discover something far more sinister...
Dark Dice is an Actual Play podcast created using the 5th edition rules of Dungeons and Dragons. Dialogue with NPC's has been replaced with a full voice cast and immersive sound effects create an added layer of immersion.

###Content Warning###
Sounds of vomiting (Time Stamp 21:40-21:53) -
Full list of CWs at the bottom of show notes for every episode!

Story by Travis Vengroff (The Game Master)
Writing Assistance by K.A. Statz
Produced, Co-Edited, and with Sound Design by Travis Vengroff
Co-Edited by Neil Martin
Transcription and Production Assistance by Hem Cleveland
Mixed by Brandon Strader
Narrator / Game Master – Travis Vengroff
Iaus Innskeep – David Ault
Sister Tsavorite Cavernsfall – Kaitlin Statz
Soren Arkwright – Peter Lewis
Father Sindri Westpike – Eyþór Viðarsson
Flygia of Zarketh – Kessi Riliniki
Rowena Granitepike – Hem Cleveland
Merchant Spirit – Graham Rowat
Music Director - Travis Vengroff
“Domain of the Nameless God” – Written and Performed by Steven Melin, with Hurdy Gurdy by Enzo Puzzovio
"A Plot Most Sinister" – Written and Performed by Josh Barron
“The Old Ritual" – Written and Performed by Brandon Boone
“Danse Silencieuse" – Arranged and Performed by Travis Vengroff with Cello by Sam Boase-Miller and stock media provided by avinograd/ Pond5, Written and Performed by Andrey Vinogradov
"A Burden Shared" - Written by Steven Melin, performed by Kyle Paxton
"The Darklands" & "The Allshadow" - Written by Brandon Boone, Orchestrated by Christopher Siu & Catherine Nguyen, Budapest Strings Recorded by Musiversal, featuring the Budapest Scoring Choir
Dark Dice art by Allen Morris with lettering by Kessi Riliniki
Special Thanks to:
Our Patreon supporters! | Tovusound | Hem Cleveland | Greg Tito | Wizards of The Coast | Carol Vengroff

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Content Warnings:
Sounds of Vomiting (Time Stamp 21:40-21:53)
Death, Disembowelment, Murder, Already Dead Animals
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