Kensington Palace: Serving the Royal Court

Kensington Palace was the centre of court life in 18th-century Britain. It was the principal London residence for the Royals, as well as a lavish venue for hosting monarchs and world leaders. But behind this very public world existed an entirely obscured one, made up of a small army of people who kept the royal show on the road.

Dan is joined by Dr. Mishka Sinha, Curator for Inclusive History at Historic Royal Palaces and Co-Curator of the ‘Untold Lives: A Palace at Work’ exhibition at Kensington Palace, open until October, 2024. Mishka tells us all about the staff of the Georgian court, and what we can learn from the objects they left behind.

Produced by James Hickmann and edited by Dougal Patmore.

Book your tickets now for the Untold Lives exhibition at Kensington Palace here.

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