Historical Fiction with Conn Iggulden

Conn Iggulden is a British author who has conquered the field of historical fiction. Iggulden’s books have taken readers from Ancient Rome (Empire) to Mongolia (Conqueror), and most recently, to early medieval England. They discuss the history and motivation behind his latest novel Dunstan, including how Charles Dickens helped inspire it. Dunstan is an often-overlooked, yet fascinating figure: a tenth-century monk whose story is woven among the reigns of seven English kings.

This is a chance to go behind-the-scenes of writing historical fiction and learn how Iggulden approaches his novels. He explains his research process and how he chooses his characters, including why he prefers flawed figures from distant pasts. Get an author’s insight into what you do when you run out of facts, and just how much fiction you can get away with in historical fiction.

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Producer: Dan Morelle

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