The Spies of Winter: The GCHQ Codebreakers Who Fought the Cold War with Sinclair McKay

Sinclair McKay is the author of The Secret Life of Bletchley Park, The Lost World of Bletchley Park, The Secret Life of Fighter Command, and The Secret Listeners for Aurum, as well as histories of Hammer films, the James Bond films and the pastime of rambling.

Many of the men and women who had worked at Bletchley Park moved on to GCHQ, the British government's new facility established to fight a new foe — Stalin's KGB. McKay has interviewed various members of this secret organisation, from codebreakers and radio listeners to mechanical engineers and computer programmes who all shared the common desire to build a new Britain and protect it throughout the Cold War. The Spies of Winter: The GCHQ codebreakers who fought the Cold War is out now.

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Producer: Dan Morelle

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