Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales: "I have this crazy idea that people will pay for free news"

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, to talk about his plan to save the news industry with his latest startup Wikitribune (3:15), what’s wrong with ad-driven media (4:35), crowdsourcing journalism (6:35), charity as a business model (11:20), why a pay wall won’t work (13:05), ‘disrupting’ the encyclopedia (14:50), growing up in an entrepreneurial family (16:30), why Wikipedia’s predecessor failed (19:30), not being a billionaire (24:40), being a pathological optimist (26:10), how blockchain could change everything (28:40), why it won’t work for Wikipedia (30:25), living in London (31:25) and why Brexit is the “dumbest thing ever” (32:35).

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