AI Chats with Vinod Khosla and Tyler Cowen

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on two guests to talk about artificial intelligence. The first is Vinod Khosla, the legendary tech investor and founder of Khosla Ventures, to talk about how the rise of AI compares to previous breakthroughs (4:00), how it is like the Manhattan Project (8:00), why universal basic income may be necessary (16:20), and the culture war aspect of AI (20:25). Then, Tyler Cowen, the George Mason University economist, blogger and author, comes on to talk about this moment in history (26:00), AI doomerism (28:40), the open v closed debate (31:50), why he’s not too worried about misinformation (35:25), why AI will save crypto (40:30), the return of ‘moving history’ (42:50), how he has changed how he teaches (45:20), the end of the smartphone (47:20), the future of work (51:50), AI as a doomsday weapon (55:30), why he published the world's first “generative’ book (1:00:15), and the end of the browser (1:05:20).

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