Center for Human Technology’s Tristan Harris: “Tech’s inconvenient truth”

The Sunday Times tech correspondent brings on Tristan Harris, founder of the Centre for Humane Technology, on becoming a tech critic (2:00), leaving Google (6:20), how 2016 woke up the world (8:00), being at the Persuasive Technology Lab in Stanford (9:00), the “Time Well Spent” movement (12:00), why it’s hard to remake the “attention economy” (14:25), the conspiracy correlation matrix (18:05), the danger of Facebook Groups (19:15), the slow awakening amongst rank and file techies (22:45), why he is confident things can change (27:25), Apple as the Federal Reserve of the Attention Economy (28:15), living in a downgraded world (31:25), and the plan (34:10).

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