Trevor Neilson: “I helped start Extinction Rebellion. Here is why they are getting it wrong”

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent brings on Trevor Neilson, founder of startup Wastefuel and the Climate Emergency Fund, to talk about how he helped launch and finance Extinction Rebellion (XR) (4:50), how the Malibu wildfires inspired him to act (8:20), meeting Roger Hallam, founder of XR and Just Stop Oil (16:00), bankrolling protestors (18:00), why he thinks the movement has gone off the rails (22:50), whether he is worried about what his former colleagues will think (32:00), how XR has experimented with changing tactics (40:30), where and how he grew up (43:30), getting a job at the White House (46:30), working with Bono on AIDS (50:00), starting his own company (55:00), why he does not think we will meet the 1.5 degree goal (58:10), telling the truth (1:09:00), and the children suing Montana (1:11:50)

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