Tim O'Reilly: "It's our brains that are being hacked"

The Sunday Times tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Tim O’Reilly, oracle of the tech industry, to talk about why 2017 may go down as a watershed year (3:00), how Facebook is like Microsoft (4:25), what’s wrong with tech’s “master algorithm” (7:15), exploding the myth of the rise of the machines (9:50), the era of surveillance (12:25), the danger of bad laws (15:20), creating the world’s first website and formalising the open-source movement (17:40), coining the term “Web 2.0” (19:35), what World War II can tell us about tech (21:50), the need to rebuild society as we know it (24:35), why we may need to get rid of advertising altogether (25:25), why he doesn’t buy the blockchain hype (28:00), why the marriage of AI and biotech is the next big revolution (31:00), the beginning of the end of the Internet duopoly (31:55), data as the point of control (36:00), and why the 21st will be China’s (37:00).

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