Shift4's Jared Isaacman: "Commanding the first civilian mission to space"

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent brings on Jared Isaacman, founder of Shift4 Payments, to talk about flying the first civilian mission to space (4:15), on whether he is scared (7:00), starting a company at 16 (8:15), early success (11:15), creating the world’s largest air force (12:35), buying fighter jets around the world (16:05), training for space (17:50), funding kids cancer research (22:50), being a billionaire (24:25), the space flight (26:15), what his company is seeing amid Covid-19 (30:25), going public in a pandemic (32:00), giving away his money (33:15), flying Russian MiG fighter jets for fun (36:40), and breaking a round-the-world flying record (37:40).

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