Prellis Biologics’ Melanie Matheu: “Lab-grown kidneys"

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent brings on Merlanie Matheu, founder of Prellis Biologics, to talk about 3D-printing organs (2:15), cellular scaffolding (3:35), implanting lab-grown tumours in rats (5:15), why this is a big deal (6:35), solving the kidney (7:55), the magic of 3D printing (12:00), how she got into tissue engineering (13:45), filing a patent before knowing she could pull off the technology (18:10), the sector’s hype cycle (19:45), the future of organ printing (22:35), printing blood vessels first (25:20), why it was hard to raise money (29:35), getting regulatory approval (31:00), her worst day of work (35:00), creating the world’s first laser-based bio-printer (37:10), and where she gets the cells (40:05). 

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