Mr Nice's Neil Mahapatra: "Every mammal can get high"

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Neil Mahapatra, founder of Kingsley Capital and Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies, to talk about his early days in investment banking (3:30), getting a job with Lord Rothschild (5:50), setting up his own investment firm (7:30), how his mother’s lung cancer changed everything (8:15), why the stoners won’t make it (12:45), carving out a beachhead (15:15), building credibility for weed (18:40), the plant’s legal status in Britain (22:30), its potential as a cancer treatment (23:00), what a cannabinoid is (25:50), getting Snoop Dogg as an investor (28:15), developing drugs (29:50), and a consumer brand (32:30), Mr Nice (33:45), Oprah’s cannabis venture (36:15), sourcing the plant (38:50), and waiting for the laws to catch up (39:45).

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