Square Roots' Kimbal Musk: “Working in tech was like chewing sawdust”

The Sunday Times tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Kimbal Musk, brother of Elon Musk and found of Square Roots, to talk about going to culinary school after selling his first company with Elon for $307 (4:00), living in New York during Sept 11 (5:45), how cooking for the firefighters inspired him to start a restaurant (8:30), leaving New York (11:00), going back to tech (14:45), breaking his neck (16:15), quitting tech for good (18::30), hitting on the farm-to-table movement (21:00), backing meatless meat (23:45), his warehouse farm startup (25:55), how Tesla began (23:50), space tourism (30:00), working at a meat-packing factory (31:45), growing up in an entrepreneurial family (34:40), setting up gardens at school (36:50), taking inspiration from Jamie Oliver (38:45), having dinner with Prince Charles (41:10), why he invested in eSports (43:00), and the plan for Mars.

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