Martha Lane Fox: “A Geneva Convention for the web”

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Martha Lane Fox, dotcom pioneer and Twitter board member, to talk about the tech industry’s hubris (2:00), joining Twitter (5:45), explaining the Internet in 1995 (8:50), launching (11:50), creating a unicorn twenty years ago (13:35), which quickly became a pariah (16:15), almost dying in a car accident (17:45), rebuilding a career (19:30), the need for a Geneva Convention of the web (21:35), tech’s sexism problem (24:05), the dangers of screen time (28:00), her worst day of work (29:55), creating a “fair trade” style brand for responsible websites (32:30), designing for the “furthest first” (35:15), London’s effort to rival Silicon Valley (37:05), and why the old Parliament building should be closed down (40:00).

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