Investing in US's Dmitri Mehlhorn: “The business of making Trump a one-term president”

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Dmitri Mehlhorn, head of Investing in US, to talk about the business of unseating Trump (3:45), what he saw as an existential threat (8:25), linking up with Reid Hoffman (10:50), the problem he sought to solve (13:00), investing hundreds of millions to make Trump a one-term president (15:55), the importance of Big Data in politics (20:15), piloting a new approach in Virginia (22:30), upsetting the apple cart (25:40), being seen as “knife-fighters” (30:20), what happens now (33:40), good v evil (40:30), the key investments (43:20), the importance of the web (46:40), his biggest mistake (49:50), winning without becoming what you are trying to defeat (56:20), the death of truth (59:40), Silicon Valley’s conflict between backing Biden while battling against the impending antitrust crackdown (1:01:00), Zuckerberg’s major role in the election (1:04:30), and the future of media (1:07:15).

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