Index Ventures' Danny Rimer and Jan Hammer: "Quinoa-bots and sneaker heads"

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Index Ventures’ Danny Rimer and Jan Hammer to scooters (3:05), flying cars (6:), self-driving cars (7:00), why Deliveroo will stay independent (9:15), the future of insurance (10:30), changing the approach to data privacy (15:20), robo-restaurants (19:00), the rise of "mass-scale artisanal" brands (20:40), getting inside the minds of young people (24:10), how Softbank is changing the Valley (26:45), how money is changing the tech landscape (29:30), is the end of cash nigh (34:45), and the problem of Silicon Valley's monoculture (39:20),

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