Parler's George Farmer: "Hate speech is subjective"

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on George Farmer, chief executive Parler, to talk about how he started there (5:40), growing up in London (9:15), backing Brexit (14:40), getting married at Eric Trump’s winery (16:05), his plans for Parler (17:05), what’s the problem with social media (19:00), the echo chamber (23:55), how Parler moderates content (30:25), defining hate speech (32:20), the right’s victim mentality (37:40), traditional versus social media (40:05), the problem with Section 230 (45:35), diversifying (51:20), the luxury of being small (56:50), and Trump’s new social media app (59:20).

Want to hear our interview with Parler's founder? It's here:

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