Sila Nanotechnologies' Gene Berdichevsky: “The million-mile battery”

The Sunday Times tech correspondent brings on Gene Berdichekvsy, founder of Sila Nanotechnologies, to talk about being the seventh employee at Tesla (2:35), making the Roadster’s lithium battery (6:30), developing the first new battery technology in 30 years (7:15), the dawn of the electric car age (10:55), what Sila is doing (12:35), starting in smart watches (16:20), being born in Russia (20:05), air taxis (22:25), the rise of autonomous cars (23:15) the second order effects of electric cars (30:30), making a million-mile battery (28:35), why ‘peak lithium’ is nonsense (32:55), on keeping investors on side (36:30), the most expensive real estate in the world (40:05), being handed his first $5m (44:15), the end of the engine (45:55), and when he almost destroyed Tesla (48:30).

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