IndieBio’s Arvind Gupta: “Recoding life”

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Arvind Gupta, founder of IndeBio, to talk about why he founded his laboratory-venture capital hybrid (4:00), putting all the world’s knowledge into a test tube (4:30), the synthetic biology revolution (7:45), starting as an options trader (9:35), then moving to IDEO (11:00), how IndieBio works (13:00), base-jumping on the side (14:25), how jumping off buildings is like investing (16:30), why faster science means a revolution is coming (20:25), the future of food (22:15), designing super-humans (24:30), his bet to cure cancer (27:10), making bionic bees (28:40), creating a brain - computer interface for stroke victims (31:05), pes as guinea pigs for human therapies (33:10), finding companies (34:40), and what he is most excited about (36:00).

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