Bill Gates: "The report card of humanity"

The Sunday Times tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Bill Gates to talk about being the world’s biggest philanthropist (3:00) eradicating malaria (1:40), saving Africa’s children (6:10), wiping polio off the planet (7:40), applying big data to public health (9:30), why he cares (11:10), whether the new generation of billionaires care (14:20), launching the Giving Pledge with Warren Buffett (16:10), the economic dividend from saving kids (18:05), Africa’s exploding population (19:30), creating new multinational organisations (23:15), the malaria crisis (24:25) the need for a technology leap (25:40), how this compares to Microsoft (27:35), partnering with Warren Buffett (30:10), whether he has tried to tackle mass-shootings (31:25), the inevitability that AI will replace human work (32:45), whether we need a robot tax (35:20), the Facebook problem (36:55), the danger of cryptocurrencies (38:20).

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