Former Google PR chief Jessica Powell: "Light-sabre aerobics"

TheThe Sunday Times’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Jessica Powell, former Google communications chief, to talk about her new satire of Silicon Valley, The Big Disruption (2:35), how at her old job she called a hookup site a “meeting platform” (5:55), when noone was interested in a Silicon Valley satire (8:00), the lack of nuance in the industry’s perception (9:20), the growing number of critics (12:40), problem of the tech industry’s ‘sameness’ (14:30), how living in London made her look differently at the industry (20:45), the great oatmeal revolt (24:30), what made her leave and publish the book (26:00), the risk in criticising her own industry (29:55), the most urgent changes required (31:40), the value of diversity (34:15), how free speech is vaunted but devalued (37:25), and her most quintessential Silicon Valley moment (40:40).

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