WeTransfer's Damien Bradfield: "The future of the paid Internet"

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Damian Bradfield, co-founder of file-sharing company Wetransfer, to talk about setting up near Muscle Beach (3:30), being the alternative to Dropbox (4:30), how Wetransfer makes money (6:30), how the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal has helped (9:15), why Facebook shouldn’t become a ghost town (12:25), starting the company in Amsterdam (13:50), creating the ‘sex lottery’ ad campaign (14:45), missing the golden age of advertising (15:50), building the Volkswagen Beetle beetle of data sharing (18:10), giving away space to artists (20:10), prospering in a world where data is harder to mine (21:30), turning a profit (22:55), why he did not raise venture capital for years (24:25), before finally bringing in $25m in 2016 (26:40), coming to America (28:30), his worst day at work (31:40), working in Russia (33:05), the future (33:50), and how “mission” helps retain people (35:55).

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