Apeiron’s Christian Angermayer: "Magic mushrooms' long, strange trip"

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Christian Angermayer, entrepreneur and investor, to talk about magic mushrooms (4:00), why he is investing now (6:55), the lack of new drugs for mental illness (9:50), why it’s worse in the West (12:00), his first “trip” (17:10), the psilocybin company he has backed with Peter Thiel (21:55), creating a new body of clinical research (25:45), growing up in a village in Germany (27:00), starting a biotech at age 21 (28:50), selling it (30:25), investing in Hollywood (31:30), living in London (35:30), being a micro-dosing sceptic (38:30), and why backing films requires a different approach (39:35).

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